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    The almighty Picco ...


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    The almighty Picco ...

    Post by Picco on Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:25 am

    1. Yourself
    Hi guys, my name is Bennet and I don't care if you use my real name, or my nickname - do however you like. I'm from Germany and I'm 16 years old.. and that's all there really is about me ^^
    2. Your interests
    I'm practicing Wing Chun since a pretty long time already and if I keep hanging in there, it will take less than 2 years until I finally reach my black belt! I also play the piano, but I only play classical stuff because most of todays music is just boring to me. Furthermore, I like drawing (Hentai :3) and of course video games.
    3. If you're an editor or not (if yes, please provide us your YouTube channel or .org account)
    I indeed am an editor [Channel:  /channel/UC8DHft_jb4akjsZvmRts1Yw ]
    I know I'm lacking expierience and stuff but I'm close to 1k views, which makes me a little proud Very Happy
    4.Why you joined this forum*
    Short story: A long while ago I found out about AMVs and GiaSecando (loved his Bohemian Rhapsody one!), through him I found GiaThirdo, where GiaQuando spammed in the comment section. This really was at the beginning of his career, before he set his roots on private. Less than a month ago I was like: "How's this guy doing today..."
    So.. here I am!
    Furthermore, I found an old link somewhere on my hard drive, sadly, the only one I could find... :3
    (pls don't kill me → /watch?v=PIecFas7Ltg)
    I know this forum might not be the most active one, but I just wanted to look around anyways.
    5. ?
    6. Contact info: skype/facebook/etc. (skype is best)
    My skype name is shirohige328, but please introduce yourself before you start spamming on me, thank you Smile

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    Re: The almighty Picco ...

    Post by GiaQuando on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:19 am

    Hey Bannet Welcome to the Group Very Happy
    Also I don't know where you found that like but I have it unlisted for over a year Very Happy
    (Kept it on yt just because it was the remake of my First AMV Very Happy )
    And I started to making AMVs after I found GiaSecando and GiaThirdo Very Happy
    Whenever you make an AMV post it here in the Forum so we can have a look xD

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